What is a Theoclasm?



Theo: Relating to God or gods,

Clasm– to Disrupt, To Break down.

Theoclasm: Disrupting, questioning and, if necessary, breaking down perceptions, beliefs and practices relating to God.

Theoclastic: Pertaining to or having the characteristics of Theoclasm.


An example, in my intended use of the words Theoclasm and Theoclastic, would be The Reformation. It was a Theoclasm because it challenged existing ideas and practices relating to God and religion. Martin Luther, John Calvin et al were Theoclastic.


That should help to soften any ideas of outright destruction, annihilation or denial of God per se. That is not what I mean or intend, but rather the intentional questioning, disrupting or even breaking down of structures, either mental, physical or institutional, that relate to God where the Theoclasm is justifiable.


Why? Because I have been through a number of personal Theoclasms that have helped me to discover a more authentic consciousness of and relationship with God. Therefore, I would say that my Theoclasms were justifiable and helpful.


I’m also sure that you have experienced changes in the way that you understand and relate to God since you first became aware of Him.

Each shift or step up from one level of understanding to another means the previous level of relationship or understanding had to be transcended and left behind, although still included as a step along the way.


I am putting forward the belief that, more often than not, the step up or forward from one level of understanding God to another was the result of an experience that disrupted your world in some way and caused you to realise that your, then, religious framework was inadequate or exposed it as being flawed in some way.

But you knew that God ‘is and He is a rewarder of those who seek Him’, yet somehow the framework for how you understood and experienced Him was no longer credible. TheoClastic is a place where you can tell your story, ask questions and interact with others who have had similar experiences.


It is not the intention of these blogs to deliberately undermine, or destroy any individual person’s faith or belief system. However, my experience would lead me to say that if faith, belief or even our current understanding of God for that matter can be undermined, disrupted or challenged then it should, in order to leave us with what is God in essence rather than in construct.


So I will be writing and inviting guests to write on personal experiences of Theoclasm and Theoclastic examinations of a variety of topics relating to God.


Because the unexamined God is not worth worshiping! (Socrates, not!)

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